Living Biobank

The Living Biobank is committed to protect the life resources of almost 300 thousand plant species, a million animal species and 10 million microbe species, as well as building demonstration storage in the areas of application, health, and biodiversity. Currently, the Living Biobank has carried out the comprehensive digitalization and in-depth Bio-informatics analysis of an ecosystem: the Digitalization Project of Ruili Botanic Garden, He Yuan Living Biobank, Tibet Biobank, Qinghai Living Biobank. Meanwhile, the Living Biobank would cryopreserve human cell resources from a large population of healthy individuals at all ages. By collaborating with the sequencing platform, synthesis and editing platforms, the Living Biobank will facilitate resource digitalization and trans-omics study, the digitalization and global sharing of important germplasms. As well as the development of the industries of microbial production, energy utilization, animal and plant breeding, precision nutrition and medicine, health management, accelerating resource demonstration and innovative application.



The Digitalization of Ruili Botanic Garden is committed to protecting endangered and Chinese endemic plants, by collection、long-term preservation and breeding of germplasm resources. Moreover, the project will carry out the world’s very first comprehensive digitalization and in-depth bioinformatics analysis of an ecosystem in Ruili area.


The animal resource bank is dedicated to protecting rare and endangered animal species in China and around the world, by preservation of animal genetic materials such as gametes、embryos and somatic cells. Meanwhile the bank will build demonstrative living animal conservation bases which are of ecological、economic and ornamental value.


The microbiological culture collection center has already isolated、characterized and preserved more than 3000 species、17000 strains of microorganisms. By consistently exploiting、isolating and collecting new microbial resources, as well as long-term maintaining existing resources in high quality , the center is committed to facilitating protection、sharing and application of resources in microbiology field.