An automated, low-cost and high-throughput biorepository

The large-scale biorepository preserves genetic resources, such as those of plants, animals, micro-organisms, and human beings. It is built to support public welfare, medical care, and scientific research, and help disseminate advanced technologies to industry.


A Leading Comprehensive Biorepository
  • Capable of storing tens of millions of samples
  • Automatic, high-throughput and low-cost


Informatized Management
  • Whole-process and Informatized Sample
    Management System



Sample Types

High-quality, traceable and multi-temperature storage



Support Provided

Supporting scientific research, industiral and livelihood projects with world-class storage technologies

Sample storage/processing services
  • 24/7/365 operations
  • Processing capacity: 2,000 samples/day
Technical expertise
  • Biobank development consultation
  • Biobank operation and management consultation
  • Consultation for on-site implementation in cohort study






Precision Medicine
 Health Management
Future Agriculture
Biodiversity Conservation




Dr. Xun Xu, then Executive Director-General of CNGB, was elected Director-at-Large for China. Mr. Puyi Qian, Director of the Biorepository of CNGB, became a member of ISBER’s Scientific Committee.

CNGB is committed to facilitating academic exchanges and sharing of biological samples and data, so as to promote the sustainable and equitable utilization of biological resources.

Deposit of biological samples, high-throughput nucleic acid extraction, biobank development/management consultation and other services provided by CNGB as a public service platform

CNGBdb provides data services such as archive, search, analysis, data management and scientific databases to researchers around the world, and supports different data types and multi-dimensional analysis