Bio-informatics Data Center

The Bio-informatics Data Center focuses on establishing a high-performance data management system to store genetic information, a big-data platform for personalized health management and life science research, as well as a big-data system with public access. Currently the Bioinformatics Data Center has built over 40 databases with the entries of 118 million, meanwhile, human diseases databases have covered HPV, thalassemia, hearing loss, etc.. Furthermore, CNGB supports the integrated data journal and repository GigaScience and GigaDB, ranking as sixth in the category of multidisciplinary journals. The search engine developed by CNGB has covered over 8 thousand species / species, 27 individual species, 10 million genes, 500 million sequence data, 300 million mutation information and 1Pb raw data in the areas of human and non-human, which achieved the total number of retrievable items exceeds 880 million.

The Bio-informatics Data Center aims to store and digitize genetic resources related to both human health and biodiversity, and builds a complete biological data storage, analysis, and application platform, which provide solid foundation in the area of big data for research and industry, support the development of precision medicine and agriculture, big data analysis, the establishment of healthy cloud and lead to the corporation between internet and health. The Bio-informatics Data Center will become a critical tool supporting research and development in life science, public health, disease, and aging research in the era of big data.


Bio-informatics Data Center

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