CNGB Annual Report 2019

Key figures, highlights and strategic approaches of 2019

2020-05-15 Details >
CNGB News Brief II-4

The hCoV-19 Genome Analysis Platform, jointly developed by CNGB and BGI Chain, is officially launched and made available in CNGBdb. ...

2020-03-27 Details >
CNGB News Brief II-3

CNGBdb sets up a mirror site of Human Cell Landscape, a database constructed by researchers from Zhejiang University ...

2020-03-25 Details >
CNGB News Brief II-2

CNGB announced a strategic partnership with the GISAID Initiative. ...

2020-03-20 Details >
CNGB Announces Strategic Partnership with GISAID Initiative

The partnership will facilitate access and use of hCoV-19 data for Chinese researchers, and provide a safe data sharing environment ...

2020-03-16 Details >
CNGB News Brief II-1

CNGB is about to announce strategic partnership with the GISAID Initiative.   ...

2020-03-12 Details >
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