China National GeneBank (CNGB) was approved by the Chinese government in 2011 and since then has been operated by BGI-Research. It is the first national integrated genebank in the country. 


As a public, non-profit, open, enabling and leading platform, CNGB integrates the ability to "store, read, and write" massive biological resources, namely to preserve bio-samples, bio-information and living species, decipher and utilize genetic information, and synthesize genes.


CNGB is committed to supporting public welfare, life science research, innovation and industry incubation, through effective bioresource conservation, digitalization and utilization.



CNGB is committed to facilitating academic exchanges and sharing of biological samples and data, so as to promote the sustainable and equitable utilization of biological resources.

The Public Service Platform is open to government, research institutions, universities, hospitals, and biotechnology companies, to facilitate life science research and support industrial development.

CNGBdb provides data services such as archive, search, analysis, data management and scientific databases to researchers around the world, and supports different data types and multi-dimensional analysis