China Daily: CNGB announces strategic partnership with the GISAID Initiative

The two sides will cooperate in managing, sharing and analyzing genetic data of viruses related to respiratory infectious diseases. ...

2020-03-19 Details >
Open Access Government: Precision medicine research and biobanking in China

Several experts from ISBER share their views on precision medicine research and biobanking in China ...

2019-11-14 Details >
SciTechDaily: 1 Billion Years of Evolution Illuminated by Genetic Sequencing of 1,100 Plants

The 1KP initiative, a collaborative effort of nearly 200 scientists, provides a framework for examining 1 billion years of plant evolution. ...

2019-10-24 Details >
EurekAlert!: Butterflies and plants evolved in sync, but moth 'ears' predated bats

Fossil-dated tree reveals that nocturnal moths evolved hearing organs nine separate times. ...

2019-10-21 Details >
XinhuaNet: Chinese scientists complete chromosome-scale assembly of fall armyworm genome

Raw sequencing data and chromosome-level genome assemblies are uploaded to CNGBdb and are freely accessible to the world. ...

2019-06-20 Details >
BGI: Global Team Cracks Genetic Code to Develop High Yielding, Climate Resilient Chickpea

Scientists from 21 global institutes sequenced 429 chickpea lines from 45 countries to identify genes for tolerance to drought and heat. ...

2019-04-30 Details >
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