Digitalization Platform

A leading "reading" platform producing petabases of data annually

The Digitalization Platform is a public service platform featuring automation, informatization, high performance, and cost efficiency. It is committed to supporting R&D and public welfare projects in precision medicine, crop improvement in agriculture, marine sciences, microbial application, biodiversity and other areas. The Platform is featured with China manufactured DNA sequencers.


High Data Output Capacity
  • Annual output capacity: 24Pb, equivalent to the WGS data of about 240,000 people
  • Annual processing capacity: 500,000 samples
  • 24/7/365 operations


Highly Informatized and Automated
  • Throughout the whole process, from library preparation to data output
  • Efficient, speedy, and traceable



Support Provided

Equipped with full-range sequencing technologies to support projects in diversified fields


Whole genome stLFR Exome Transcriptome  Immune repertoire      Metagenome





Big Population Genome
 Precision Medicine
 Reproductive Health
  Pathogenic Micro-organisms
Molecular Breeding
 Biodiversity Conservation
 Marine Bio-resource Utilization



Another milestone in life science following the Human Genome Project (HGP)

Digitalization platform leasing and other services provided by CNGB as a public service platform

CNGBdb provides data services such as archive, search, analysis, data management and scientific databases to researchers around the world, and supports different data types and multi-dimensional analysis.