Public Service and Support

As one of the key scientific infrastructures in Shenzhen, CNGB provides open access to its biological resources, and facilitates science and technology development through standard development, global collaboration, conference organization, and science popularization. 


- China National GeneBank DataBase (CNGBdb): Enabling open access to and sharing of biological samples and data, to promote their sustainable and equitable utilization.

- Public Service Platform: Supporting the advancement of life sciences and bio-economy on a global scale as a public, enabling, and leading platform.

- Standardization: Developing standards on biological samples and data to provide technical guidance for industrial development. 


- Global collaboration: Improving CNGB's global influence through deepened global collaboration.

- Conferences & science popularization: Enhancing the sharing, dissemination, exchange, and application of scientific research findings; improving scientific literacy among citizens.




CNGBdb provides data services such as archive, search, analysis, data management and scientific databases to researchers around the world, and supports different data types and multi-dimensional analysis.

The Public Service Platform is open to government, research institutions, universities, hospitals, and biotechnology companies, to facilitate life science research and support industrial development.

CNGB joins hands with industry-leading institutions and standardization organizations to develop international and domestic standards on samples and data.