Synthesis and Editing Platform

Building a leading genome "writing" platform

The Platform has achieved superior gene synthesis and editing capacity with ultra-high throughput and low cost. Guided by rigorous bioethics, and quality and security principles, the Platform strives to enhance the application of synthetic biology and gene editing technologies in areas such as natural product biosynthesis, disease diagnosis and treatment, modern agriculture, and environmental protection.


Gene Synthesis
  • A cutting-edge platform for modularized and automatic DNA synthesis
  • Supporting efficient genome synthesis for plants, animals, and micro-organisms
  • Building the capability to synthesize 10 million bases per year


Gene Editing
  • Ensuring safety assessment with multi-omics analysis
  • Building genetic engineering processes for plants, animals and micro-organisms



Support Provided

A high-throughput DNA synthesis platform offering resources and technological support


Self-developed Software
  • Safety assessment
  • Optimized production processes
Automatic Operation
  • Modularized management
  • Low volume reaction
Industry-leading Technologies
  • Maximum size of synthesized genes: 50-100 Kb
  • Overall accuracy rate: 99.9%





Green Manufacturing
Marine Sciences
Genome Engineering
 DNA Data Storage




DNA synthesis and other services provided by CNGB as a public service platform

The international Sc2.0 Project is on track to build the world's first synthetic yeast genome.

George Church: "We seek innovation in applied synthetic biology, Precision Medicine, in situ and omic diagnostics, and therapies. We believe this collaboration will be a highly successful undertaking.”

CNGB is committed to facilitating academic exchanges and sharing of biological samples and data, so as to promote the sustainable and equitable utilization of biological resources.

CNGBdb provides data services such as archive, search, analysis, data management and scientific databases to researchers around the world, and supports different data types and multi-dimensional analysis.